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Thursday, February 22, 2007



Oh, Carla. I don't know what to say. You are navigating these strange waters. You are not running to either extreme. Liminality.

My heart and thoughts are with you. K


(((big hugs))) to you. i am in awe of how you are already finding the peace and healing within this difficult time. i wish you continued healing, courage, and loads of self-care. xoxo


How very brave you are, and what a blessing you have people like your spiritual director to support you.


Big hugs as you go through this. The people who live robotic lives of sub-hypnotic boredom and stasis are denied the major life events people like you and I hog up and experience our inordinate share of major stressors. Oh well. Lucky us!

As toddlers like to shout:


patti digh

carla - what if the liminal spaces of our lives are the most potent spaces we will ever inhabit? interestingly, i just wrote about liminal spaces this week - "let go of the monkey bars" - about not thinking of that in-between space as no-thing, but everything...peace as you fly. love, patti

Cousin Christine

call me if you want to vacation in Idaho. I am always here, with a care package and a bed for you. you are in my heart.


I just started reading your blog. I know big changes are in store for you. I am sending you some love and healing energy. You have a great attitude!



Carla you are in my heart and thoughts. I wish you both the best as you walk this new path. If there is anything that I can do or offer, please let me know!

Eileen Miller

Deep Peace to you, Carla. My first husband and I walked down a similar road several years ago. And we are friends today. In the big scheme, it was and is all about Grace.
Isn't is awesome to have people in your life to help you along? I have strong sponsors in two fellowships, an incredible network of women, as well as a Spiritual Advisor - blessed, BIG-time. I'm looking forward to receiving my Let Go, Let God candle. Gratefully, Ei.


Carla, What can I say, may you find peace and lovein your new life

love Jo

martha Bilski

Hi I just popped in from finding water. the dao says change is the only constant thing. I am grateful to live in a world where the end of a marriage can mean a new beginning..sounds like you are being mindful and present and compassionate xoxo


Good luck, Carla.


I found this entry when searching for "liminality." I recently came across the word, and wanted to learn more about it, because I am in a state just like the definition describes. I just graduated, I'm living with my parents while throwing out all my old junk and looking for a job, and I even got engaged to a guy and planned to move to another country... that was a REALLY liminal state, standing in the airport wondering how to fill in "Country of Residence"... then that fell through. I don't even know where I want to live or what I want to do for a living. The Career Center told me that the whole world was open to me, and since I could use the internet, they really couldn't offer me any help. I asked about their "choose your career workshop," and they said, "That's not for people like you."

What the encyclopedia article says is, some people become forever stuck in a liminal state.

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