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Saturday, February 03, 2007



Consider me tagged. Thanks for this post. I should have included a sixth thing on my list...YOU!

Here's the link to my list:



1. My sleepy son, giving me a morning hug.

2. My daughter's so called "washing up" You always need to do it again afterwards. And shes 22 years old!

3. Reading this blog.

4. Completing my latest creative project.

5. My husband fixing my car.


So glad you contributed! I loved reading your list.

I feel the same way in that I want to know if other people take on the tag. It is such a great meme hearing about other peoples smiles. They are so infectious!!!



1. Dinner conversation with new friends.
2. a child's laughter (at any sound his dad was making toward him)...that I was lucky enough to witness.
3. Getting a new client at work who likes what we've been able to offer so far.
4.mailing over 300 marshmallow Peeps off to Australia (and imagining the look on the custom agents face when and if they open the box)
5.Yoga and ballet class!


1. Spending my afternoon enjoying the best brunch in Portland (www.rouxrestaurant.us)and catching up with four lovely friends.
2. Experiencing an unseasonably warm and sunny February day.
3. Kisses from my little boy.
4. Listening to a new CD from a fun band who played in a friend's garage on Friday (http://www.myspace.com/willistonworld).
5. Having a clean car and a nearly empty email inbox.

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