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Thursday, February 01, 2007


liz elayne

i am so glad that elliot is okay. it is so scary when a loved one is ill...and i totally get how he is the love of your life. so many beautiful things to be grateful for. off to write my own list for the day...
blessings to you dear one,


I'm glad that elliot is okay. Sending you both lots of hugs!!!

Feeling grateful for being grateful might sound sappy, but I know what you mean. Same here :)



Hope your boy is fine, a dog like that is irreplaceable...I lost my best one many years ago and still miss him.

So...can I be like the guy who takes care of the boats on Chick Island? Or...ummm...I could be the surreal poet-in-residence!


that's just how I feel about my cats, they've been with me through everything. i met a friend's cat today who is 17 years old (pretty old for a cat) and like a grandma kitty with lots of spark still left in her. made me smile.

((hugs to you and your pup, elliot))


I'm so sorry to hear about Elliot's night but very glad to then read he is doing well. I find that sometimes it is harder to deal with pets illnesses than with humans. With humans, you know they understand what is happening and you can provide verbal as with as physical comforting. With pets, you can't explain what is happening, you feel a little more helpless. And yet, there are times when you know they so appreciate you being there for them.

I remember when I first got my kitties, Kiara got really sick on the second or third night I had her. And after I took her to the vet she felt so much better and she looked at me with these big dark eyes and fell into my shoulder in such gratitude. I totally lost my heart to her right there and then.

Your gratitude list is wonderful and the last one about being grateful for being grateful is PERFECT!!!

PS. I've tagged you to write five things that have made you smile this week. I hope that's okay. Check out my blog!


Carla, as I read your words I felt so there with you, my heart right up in my throat. Isn't it amazing how the Universe sends these souls to us? Elliot is your journeying companion. What a gift you are to one another.

About your AHA moment... my friend Chris passed onto me what her counselor told her. We so often tend to run the bad movie in our heads. But we can stop ourselves and say, "run the good movie."


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