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Friday, February 09, 2007



Love the self-indulgence kit idea! What about including bath salts/bubble bars too? And maybe one of those little books that Peter Pauper Press put out - like "Dare To Believe"?

And the photo of the studio is drool-worthy!


Just wanted to say hi, love you, and I'll be thinking of Elliott's sweet heart on Monday. Hmmm, a stretch this week.... I feel kinda the same, like I've been stretched in so many ways that I can't even pinpoint anything specific. I just feel tired. And oh, how I love Little Miss Sunshine. Such a good movie in so many ways. Anyway, I always feel so connected to you and am thankful to have found you in this internet world. Hugs to you, C.


Oh, I just discovered the page that introduces each of your doggies. How wonderful.
Yes, I've seen Little Miss Sunshine. It was fabulous.
I think a self-indulgence kit would include something to rub into your skin... a lotion or an oil.
My thoughts are with Elliott.



Chasing Butterflies? Oh how I love that! It explains it perfectly.

I'm new to your blog and cannot believe I haven't stumbled upon it before. You, your writing, your photographs...they are absolutely lovely!

tammy vitale

If you make that candle, let me know - i need one!
And Little Miss Sunshine was the best - Husband and I really enjoyed it. You're right. It wasn't sappy. It was a family in love. I liked that!
And, as I believe I said yesterday, I'm loving your blog! So much to catch up on - things to look forward to (and now I'm soooo behind on my paper reading!)

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