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Thursday, January 11, 2007



this sounds SO cool!


I would be there in a heartbeat if it weren't for school and finances!


I think I will need to do this...must talk to Jim. School is out for me March 10th, so it is very doable, except for figuring out care for Maggie, though she can be in school all day...I am sure Jim can handle that...Hmmm...This is really really doable. Finances...I bet I could figure it out. Maybe hit up folks for early bday gift? :D I am really going to try for this!!! How cool! Hey, how far a drive is Detroit, Or?


Leah and Calissa, there will be other retreat opportunities in the future!

Jenn, hurray! Breitenbush is about 5 hours from Seattle. How awesome if you can come!

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