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Friday, January 26, 2007



i love your stretching posts!!

in a couple weeks i'm planning a big stretch and doing julia cameron's latest book (finding water) with a group. it's so exciting and yet a big commitment. hah, commitment is my theme word for the year. :-)

biggest stretch of the last few months was putting in notice at my job. and this week it's mainly small things like getting out into the world when it's easier to hide out and contacting potential clients when i might normally put it off. it's wonderful to think about the stretches though, you're inspiring me to dare to stretch even more! there's a quote about stretching and i can't think of who said it, but it reminds me of your posts: "do one thing that scares you every day."


What a fun list of things you will never do. I smiled! :) My stretch today was changing the status of an unhealthy relationship. Finding the strength to even begin the conversation was most definately a huge stretch.
Congratulations on your own stretches! It's a great thing you do these stretch posts.


Some of our nevers overlap. Waxed arms, eh? Interesting. I'm getting used to the new feel of no hair removal. K

Jen Burke

Waxed arms are addictive. The skin feels amazing.

I really enjoy your posts about stretching.

Btw, I love the shot over your "About" link.


This post got me thinking...not about a brazilian though...never have never will :)



I once wrote a pissy poem after a breakup about eating squid:

In the letter

she wrote

"you tried so hard"

He thought

hell yes

I ate calamari

for you

as crow

wasn't yet

being served

...it is a very whiny poem but I'll never eat squid again...I love 'joy unexpected' from my fake mommyblogging days...good pick for your blogroll. It's such a small world out there in blogopia.


definitely will never do 1 and 2 though i have done 3 (and loved it) will likely not do again, thankfully can't do 4 though would never do the canadian equivalent either and love 5, will likely not do 6 and will never do 7 again : )

i so love your stretching posts and really need to do some stretching of my own again ...


I have 5 tattoos and the pain of them combined is still less than getting a brazillian.
That was one of my dumber ideas...

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