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Friday, January 12, 2007


liz elayne

this poem is a good one...
and i love reading about how your are stretching and moving and dancing in your life.

this week, i continued to speak my truth. which is a big stretch for me. it felt really good.
i also spent a little time writing that wasn't blog or work related.

(i need to stretch more though...i think i might look at these fridays as my chance to check in and be honest about that. the need to push myself a bit more.)


You posted a comment on MY blog and I'm thankful you did! Especially knowing that it was a growth step for you. Thanks for visiting.


Oh, and I really like this poem. I'm gonna copy/paste it into my "posts to remember" document I keep on my computer. :)


Mmmm, i think i needed to read that poem today. so glad you delurked on my blog - it's good to find you! now i have some catching up to do in your archives :-) Sx


I want to let you know that you helped me this week. My church has a new portable labyrinth and I decided I wanted to explore the possibility of taking it to our youth development center (read youth jail and detention). The call to the chaplain was easy but as I drove there, I started to feel nervous. What had I gotten myself into? What if I was being idealistic and naive about these kids' possible interest in the labyrinth? What if I didn't have enough knowledge and training to present the idea? I had plenty of other things to do, I didn't need this.

Then I thought about what you have written about stepping outside of your comfort zone and I was able to name what I was feeling. So, I started thinking good for me! Whatever the outcome was, I was following an impulse that was taking me out of my comfort zone. I accepted that as a positive thing and let go of the need for any outcome other than stretching myself.

The experience fascinated me. I had not known what to expect but the facility was far more jail like than I had anticipated. I was moved by the staff's sadness over a former resident who had left last May and had recently overdosed (they were holding a service later that day.) Then I saw a picture of her with her beautiful little boy who had turned 5 the day after his mother died. I felt so sad that we (as a society) had failed this girl - and her son.

The chaplain was receptive to my coming back and making a presentation on the labyrinth. I know when I do, I will feel scared but, hey, that isn't a bad thing, right?


it's always a good reminder to stretch. what an amazing amount of stretching you've done this week! congratulations!

and i'm so glad you stopped by my blog. it made my day! :-)


Regarding #5 on your list...

I not only care, I grow with each comment.

Thank you for planting seeds.


Goddess of Leonie

you are truly, truly, truly cool.

you inspire me, woman!


What a blessing y'all are to life and the world. In awe and gratitude here.

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