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Wednesday, January 31, 2007



i found that i was grieving today too. your post sparked tears, but i'm grateful for them. what a beautiful girl raeanne was. ((hugs and love to you)).


tears over here too ... thank you for this beautiful post ...

liz elayne

this is me. leaving you a hug in the disguise of a comment. today has been a day and i have some grieving that is sitting behind my eyelids. your words give me permission to just let them fall...

i am going to take a break from sitting with this computer on my lap and just sing and cry and twirl a bit...and then breathe.


What beautiful words, and what a beautiful girl ReaAnne was.

Sending you lot of hugs and love,


Dawn Goldberg

I love the image of RaeAnne doing math homework in her hospital bed. There's so much in that simple task that goes unsaid, but speaks volumes.

Thank you for this post.



Thank you for sharing this lovely story about RaeAnn. How wonderful that you got to be a part of this girl's life and she got to be a part of yours.

I often wonder if the reason, the lesson, the purpose is finally known to us when it's our turn to pass on from this world to whatever is next. That thought somehow provides me comfort.

When I find the courage to slow down and be grateful, really be grateful, I find that the bare necessities are enough.

Love you!



beautiful inspired and honest words

just like you

Grief is a hard thing to allow ourselves to process. And I always feel incabable of expressing my love and support to those who are in the thick of it. (including myself).
Kevin (the pastor at Advent gave a beautiful children's sermon back near the Day of the Dead...he asked the kids if they had ever come across their parents and seen them really really sad, and crying? After they all agreed that they had seen this before, he then talked about how we don't like to see people in pain, especially those we love, and so we usually tell them "don't cry". He then offered a new take on it...He said, "the next time you see someone you love sad or crying, sit down next to them, hold their hand and say "GO FOR IT...I'll be right here"...the image of that simple action and support of letting someone release and experience loss while still feeling loved and held still brings tears to my eyes.

So I'll tell you, if you're feeling sad...go for it....I'll be right here.

peace and love

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