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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Jory Des Jardins


I don't know why we compare ourselves to others. I wondered why someone as fabulously attractive and with such an empowering attitude as you could even compare yourself with others, but if said you never did I'd think you were a liar, so now I'm doubly in admiration of you. Vulnerability, IMHO is one of the most admirable strenths.


oh wow ~ and see I thought I was the only one who did that ... I suspect we all do it and its funny because I light your beautiful candles and the calm washes over me and my heart sees your beauty and I am so grateful that I found you in the mess of beautiful blogs I visit : )

and silas ~ what an absolute cutie!!

liz elayne

oh how i am right there with you...
i was just confessing a surprising rearing of the ugly head of blogger envy in my world. i haven't felt that in a while but one moment last week it started and it hasn't really let up since. i am letting it go, but it sure can happen....and it never does anything to help me to say the least.
i am so grateful for your truthfullness.
and your gratitude list is wonderful...i just got the first dvd of the l word from netflix today. have been hearing so much about it lately, i thought i needed to check it out!

warm blessings to you on this chilly night...

Christina Frei

Carla -
hey, girl! as someone who is a mistress comparison-maker, and who has been working at calming down for years, here's what i've found. i tend to compare less when i'm taking risks in my own life. then i'm too caught up in my own stuff to worry about others. when i'm getting bored and freeing up some mental/emotional energy, that's when i start playing those games with myself.

so maybe this is a sign that you're preparing for some bigger risk-taking, that you're bigger in spirit than you even know and it's just a matter of giving yourself a chance.

i'm so happy you're sharing all this.

big hugs,
Christina Frei in CT


i wrote about this same topic last week. for me it was all wrapped up in fear and being stuck and not making art. i read some great passages in "the book of awakening" wrote about them and then the next day found the courage to break through all those comparing voices and get back to work. action is helpful. gratitude is also helpful. xoxo


Love you, love you! You're awesome. SO honest and it makes me want to keep coming back. Seriously, you speak my heart. I started laughing throughout your post because I was just checking off the phrases I tell myself, one by one, they were all there! You are not alone. We are such teenagers, huh? ;) It's okay.... we're growing. And blogs and comments, they help us grow and work through those less-than feelings. But I completely understand.

p.s. Aren't dogs the very best?!!


I just found your blog and it's such a relief to find that other women feel the same as I do, comparing myself to others, never satisfied, looking for a balance in life.

Goddess of Leonie

holy fuckery,
you just really touched my heart.

right on.

thank you deep deep deep for sharing this.

with love,

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