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Monday, January 22, 2007



Once again, you are speaking my mental mantra.... I've been saying this all weekend.... "This is my truth, it's my truth, I can't control how other people take it, it's mine, and if I need to talk about it and voice myself, I will." Such a freeing thought..... I even told my therapist today that writing this weekend felt SO good no matter if ANYone comments. I don't even care, it just felt good to voice my truth. It's awesome to hear that you're thinking through the same type of idea.... brings me some sort of validation.

Hugs to you! And good work!


'This is my truth' ...gosh that is what i'm feeling right now. Maybe in a different way than described in the quote. But certain things in my life have left me with a certain feeling. Others tell me that they didn't mean it like that, that I shouldn't feel this way, that it isn't justified. Well, it is what I feel, what I expirienced. I don't feel this way because I pity myself, but because it is my truth. I will have to deal with this, others will have to deal with their own. So this quote speaks in many different ways. Thanks so much for sharing :)

xo Sophie


Hi lovely,
I just listened to your entire radio show. You did a great job! So calm and friendly.... and I just LOVED hearing your voice. You do have a sweetness and peace about you (and this is only from your voice!) that makes you comfortable to "be around"... does that make sense? I found myself wishing I had a written transcript because you said some things I don't want to forget.

Sorry I leave such long comments here... I just always have a lot to say to you! You're awesome and I am so thankful I found your blog.


Sorry, one more thing! Check out this blog... http://theidyllblog.blogspot.com/.... it's a flickr website devoted to posting randomly found "idyllic" photos. I LOVE IT. I check it every few days and find peaceful, beautiful pictures of nature and life that make me feel wonderful inside. Thought you might like it. The archives are totally worth a scroll-through.


This quote fits so well with what my friend Suz and I were talking about two nights ago. Yes, yes! Let go of the need to control how your truth lands on others. That is between the Universe and them. You've done your part. Move on.



Very poignant and a wonderful reminder written so eloquently. Definately a quote to remember always.


Thank you for posting this quote on Monday. It's been rattling around in my brain since then and on this morning's walk, I figured out what I means to me, right now. So, thank you! (Also: just got my order with my Radiance candle and I *love* it)

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