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Wednesday, July 05, 2006



OK, so let's say one day I write my glorious stunning paradigm shattering novel of such piercing beauty the entire ...yeah yeah yeah anyway...so let's say I get RICH from my novel, my massive tome, and hire a "crew" of employees to schedule my appointments and wash and wax the Bentley and Lambo and go to lots of physicians with fakie back ailments to score me prescription narcotics and well, let's say all that happens then what I have to say is this:

I hope my employees dig my scene as much as yours do for you and have such a potently positive work environs to share with ...well not with me really cuz I'll be off having drug induced hallucinations and screaming at Brazilian porn star escorts but...I mean...with each other. Yeah, happy with each other. That's what I want!


Glad to hear you got your 'best peeps' working for you again Carla. Best of luck!


Ahh, yes. I am back and as entertaining as ever. I am looking forward to seeing you next week!

I went in to hairmaster's yesterday to get a trim from one of my best friends who just got a job there, but when I left not only was my hair trimmed, but part of it was dyed. I look forward to showing you. :)

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