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Tuesday, June 06, 2006



Haven't seen the movie yet but have to remind you all that Heath is an Aussie, lol (there are some good things about living here in Sydney even if it is the most expensive place to live in Australia)lol



I agree. Just saw the movie last night. Truly excellent. I just thought people overreacted to the 'gay' part. It's not about "gay cowboys." It's just about two people trying to sustain a doomed relationship. I think there are some important universal truths in there. But people just keep making jokes and ridiculing it. I think they're afraid of what they might see.


I thought the story was so much better than the movie. And I'd say, well, the book is always better, but in my opinion, with several popular books that just hasn't been the case. The story had such ferocious velocity. I missed that in the movie... missed it badly.

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