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Friday, July 04, 2008





congratulations and warm hugs!! sitting here with a big huge smile on my face : )

my self portraits go much the same way, tee hee


Congratulations...1000 days is a huge accomplishment....


Congratulations, Carla! Tomorrow is my independence day - 18 years without a drink or a drug. It truly is a magnificent way to live.

Blessed be! Life is good.

island Girl Spirit

Congrats Carla!
I've been sober, this time for 12 years . . . and seven before that! My number one addiction was pot . . . I was a "maintenance drinker" also. It has been twenty years since I've smoked a joint. And "what a long and strange trip it's been"! Glorious. I wouldn't "trade a day, even the worst one", because that was better than any day using!
So keep on keeping on Girl . . . it does just keep getting better and better! And thank-you for your wonderful inspiration you so kindly share with all of us! That keeps me going on my journey! Blessed be and Namaste, Kel.


I Love the photos Carla and I love you! I'm so happy for you and impressed by the journey that you're on. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious!

Angie D from Ohio

I just wanted to say congratulations on 1000 days. What an accommplishment! And I love your self-portraits. You truly are an inspiration. Blessings to you!

Dawn Goldberg

Congratulations on your courage and your self-love, Carla!


Congratulations Carla... it's a huge thing to overcome :-)


oh congratulations, Carla! you are truly an inspiration x


Congratulations on this achievement! It is amazing how much drinking is such a part of some people's identity. My ex-girlfriend was a heavy drinker and a big reason we are not together. Yes, I cared for her deeply, but she is eastern European and she always thought I was the weird one for not drinking as much as she did. Congratulations again.



Hi Carla,

I became a dear friend of Bill W.'s 4/13/83 and I'm thrilled to have found your blog. Congrats on your 1000 days. Beautiful. :) But for the grace...

Do me a favor... one of these days, would you take a series of photos of your altars? I'd LOVE that!

Kisses & big hugs to you and your pups.



hooray for you!!! i journey alongside my young son who will have 4 months tomorrow. it is his longest self-imposed sobriety since he started drinking 5 years ago. hooray for bill w & friends!!!

Gail B

I am so glad you found yourself. Your site and your writing is so inspirational and think of everything we all would have missed if you weren't doing what you are doing today. Hooray for you! I'm impressed with your sobriety and the way you are living your life.


Pardon my language but.... holy shit! you an amazing woman! Congratulations on 1000 days of sober, awesome you! Between this and the triathlon... wow, just wow!

Much love,


Congratulations. You are a blessing to this world!

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