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Thursday, August 23, 2007



Oh, I know what you mean, Carla. I like what you said, that our beds are a reflection of how we value ourselves. No one sees our beds except us and those we are intimate with. So it is very personal, and true, I think.

However, I always make my bed but would like to feel free not to! :)


oh, clean sheets are the bestest!!!


I love the paint color of your wall, too.
I'm good about making my bed each morning, but then I pile crap on top of it; laundry, books, shoes - this is the habit I would like to break. It would be so nice to crawl into bed at night without having to clear it first.


That's a gorgeous headboard, Carla. My TedNed gets pride of place in the same spot does Lucy's hippo. And ditto on the making bed thing!! I'm about 50/50 at the moment :)

Kikipotamus the Hobo

Unless I'm late for work, I make my bed. This is a gift I give myself. My dream bed was an antique iron one, but I never found it. I settled for an antique wood spindle bed, which I painted antique white. The next thing on my wish list is a set of lush flannel sheets for this winter.

I like to put a drop of essential oil on my pillow before I sleep: lavender or bergamot.

It's wonderful to have met others who understand the importance of these gifts to self.


HI Carla,
I have been playing around with my posts and post titles today, trying to find the way that I wanted to document My Sacred Life days. I had it all in the titles, then decided I didn't like that, played with a few other thoughts as well. Then I saw your simple way of doing it. In the post. Just perfect. So, I hope you don't mind if I take on the same way of doing it?


Annie, please, feel free!


I love everything! headboards are very important ;-)


what a gorgeous headboard ~ what a wonderful gift to yourself :)


OK I couldn't agree more, I LOVE my bed it is my refuge and I LOVE your sheets...mind sharing where you got them?

You are an inspiration...thanks for all you share...I found your blog/candles thru Liz E

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