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Wednesday, August 22, 2007




Wish I did know how to do clever things like make buttons for blogs! lol But I can't help you there..

Love your bowl.. and your day sounds a little bit like mine.. some time to rest in the afternoon. :o)

Also.. just thought I'd say.. if anyone would else would like the "key" to my place, just shout out here.. and if I can see your email address, I will send it along to you...

liz elayne

such beautiful words on that fantastic bowl. i love the color and just want to reach in and touch the texture. and, i simply love the idea of the sacred moments spent eating cheerios (or something else) and nourishing the body in that way.

this project is inviting me to remember to pause just for me each day and open my heart to something beyond me. even if just for a second or two. (thank you)


hi, carla, i didn't add my blog address correctly the other day - i would like to join in: www.anna-world.blogspot.com
i spoke to deborah the other day - she's making some story beads for me!!
and that's the most beautiful bowl - you have the most perfect home to display in.


What a beautiful quote!
Still new to the whole blogging thing, but will spend sometime this weekend researching HTML to see if we can get a blog button. Thanks for starting this project, I've had so much fun exploring the other participant's blogs!


Carla, I love that you have a turbo spiritual day! It sounds like a wonderfully nourishing day of support on many levels. That bowl is beautiful I loved how you photographed it and I kind of wish I could be a cheerio flying into it.


Ooo! How exciting. Are we starting, or do we wait for the "Ready, get set, go!" command? :)


I'll make a button and write the code--


Peanut, rest is important -- good for you.
Elena, yes, start whenever you’re ready!
Claire, YAY! I will add you to the list.
Liz, you're welcome. Me too.
Julie, I think it's going to be great fun!
Kara, great visual of you as a flying Cheerio :)


thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, carla - and thanks for adding me to the list :o) i couldn't get the link to work though... i still haven't got the hang of this blogging after a year!!

Jane Shein

Hi Carla! I'd love to join in to your Sacred Life Project! I'm adding your link to my daily visits. I have really enjoyed reading through some of your posts!


It's fantastic to have one day a week that is set iside just for feeling good and centered. I'm going to try to get myself back in to "my sacred life" project. I could benefit from it AND I miss it!

Happy Monday!

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